30.09.2017 / 28.10.2017

La muestra Arquitecturas de Luz, con la curaduría de Francine Birbragher ha realizado un tour internacional de Museos e Instituciones culturales: Museo Catedral de La Plata, Argentina, 2011 Museo del Design, Torino, Italia, 2011 Instituto Nacional de Estudios Romanos, Roma, Italia, 2012 Museo Judío de Buenos Aires, 2013 The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami, 2014 "Karina Chechik has long been fascinated with the concept of light and dark as the very basis for her work, and this exhibition, Architectures of Light, represents a culmination of years of travel to visit structures that are meaningful to her, such as bridges, art institutions, churches, temples, pyramids, and other sacred sites. From photographs that capture the materiality of a building or location , Chechik begins her personal, artistic journey to reveal their significance through the interplay of light and shadow to transcend mere architectural description, which is often a distraction from the spiritual in our secular society. Modern interpretations that dwell on architectural innovations and sheer enormity of scale and production may leave the real meaning buried in time. For Chechik, her artist’s vision reveals the true underlying symbolism inherent in each scene in paintings that bring the spirit of renewal and enlightenment." Carol Damian, Director The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum